Face: Reclaimed Birch plywood, 27” w x 21” h, 7” deep; red, brown & 2 gold acrylics, oil finish; 15 lbs.
30 blocks, 60 copper/gold faux with copper letters; iridescent paints; Basswood
Inspired by crowned by the sun
Folk Art Technology
Old Blue Eyes
Face: Reclaimed Alder plywood, 21”” x 3” x 22”, burned lines, blue, copper & white acrylic iridescent paints, shellac finish; 20 lbs.
30 blocks with 60 letters; 2 9/16”, Basswood; oil finish
Inspired by Frank Sinatra’s blue eyes
Texas Thank You
Metallic Sun
Case: Basswood; circle--shellac finish; hand-carved, painted & burned rays; bronze, gold & silver acrylic paint
40” diameter, 4” deep; 30 lbs. incl. blocks
45 blocks with 90 black letters; Basswood; shellac finish
Inspired by Ages of the Sun
Yellow Spokes of Light
Case: Basswood; yellow acrylic paint on spokes & oil shellac on circle; 40” diameter/ 3 ¾” deep; 33 lbs. incl. blocks
45 blocks with 90 yellow letters; oil varnish & shellac
Inspired by the Sun’s yellow rays
Will in Studio
Sun Rise
Case: Basswood; 5 acrylic paint colors with blue ring; oil varnish; oval: 45” x 25 ¾” 4 ½”; 35 lbs. incl. blocks
55 blocks with 110 blue letters; oil varnish & shellac
Inspired by the Sun rising out of the East
Will Carpenter
Sun Crown
I Just Had a Thought
Have Fun
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