What is

Folk Art Technology?

Decorative art and furniture accessories, featuring movable blocks of letters,
which paint word pictures -- for transmitting meaningful expressions.
The power of letters. Our blocks are made with deliberateness, enchanted with beauty and the intent to transform the lives of their owners. Wonderful gifts for adults and children alike.
  • This is interactive art that communicates!
  • Blocks are movable and re-movable, so you can create new messages whenever you want!
  • Blocks are solid wood, and each one-of-a-kind piece is hand crafted and made to last.
  • Inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement, and the Unabridged Dictionary.
Handmade in the USA


Folk Art Technology
Face: Reclaimed Birch plywood, 27” w x 21” h, 7” deep; red, brown & 2 gold acrylics, oil finish; 15 lbs.
30 blocks, 60 copper/gold faux with copper letters; iridescent paints; Basswood
Inspired by crowned by the sun
Metallic Sun
Case: Basswood; circle--shellac finish; hand-carved, painted & burned rays; bronze, gold & silver acrylic paint
40” diameter, 4” deep; 30 lbs. incl. blocks
45 blocks with 90 black letters; Basswood; shellac finish
Inspired by Ages of the Sun
Case: Basswood; 5 acrylic paint colors with blue ring; oil varnish; oval: 45” x 25 ¾” 4 ½”; 35 lbs. incl. blocks
55 blocks with 110 blue letters; oil varnish & shellac
Inspired by the Sun rising out of the East
Old Blue Eyes
Face: Reclaimed Alder plywood, 21”” x 3” x 22”, burned lines, blue, copper & white acrylic iridescent paints, shellac finish; 20 lbs.
30 blocks with 60 letters; 2 9/16”, Basswood; oil finish
Inspired by Frank Sinatra’s blue eyes
"In the Light of the Suns" Block Box
Sun Rise
Yellow Spokes of Light
Case: Basswood; yellow acrylic paint on spokes & oil shellac on circle; 40” diameter/ 3 ¾” deep; 33 lbs. incl. blocks
45 blocks with 90 yellow letters; oil varnish & shellac
Inspired by the Sun’s yellow rays
Peacock Circle
Will At Work
Golden Sun
Will in Studio
American Cool
Sun Crown
Folk Art Technology
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